Introducing The Sound Of St. Lucia


I am always seeking out new artists, and new styles of music, that will take dance music to a whole new level. This week I stumbled upon a talented musician born and raised in South Africa, now living in New York. His birth name is Jean-Philip Grobler, but he is best known by his stage name, St. Lucia.

Referring to the name St. Lucia, Jean-Philip was quoted as saying, “St. Lucia is the idea of somewhere exotic and somewhere you can escape to… maybe you have some nostalgic memories at that place.” His style of music has been referred to as indie electronic, which is an independent genre with elements of electronic, rock, and pop. Another variation of his musical style is the genre called synthpop, which features the synthesizer as the dominant musical instrument on a track.

Not only does Grobler write and produce his own music, he also remixes music for such bands as Passion Pit, Foster the People, and Charli XCX. He has collaborated with DJs ranging from The Knocks to RAC, and has produced music for the New York based band, HAERTS. He has toured with Ellie Goulding and Charli XCX, and opened for Two Door Cinema Club during their 2013 tours.  While on tour, he will include friends and fellow musicians Nick Brown, Ross Clark, Nicky Paul, and Patricia Beranek, to perform on stage with him.

In just the past couple of years, St. Lucia has released several EP’s of music, and just released his first full-length album less than a year ago, titled When The Night. A deluxe version of When The Night was made available a month ago, packaged with additional tracks. Some of his singles include “We Got It Wrong” and “September.” Both songs were packaged with various mixes, including remixes by Starsmith, Xaphoon Jones, Lenno, Alec Metric, Punks Jump Up, Leo Zero, and Neil McLellan. Most recently, I found a really cool remix of his song “The Way You Remember Me,” called the Bearstronaut Remix. It is definitely worth checking out.

To learn more about St. Lucia and his music, check out his official website at You can also follow him on social networks such as Facebook at, as well as Twitter at

Listen to the original version of “The Way You Remember Me” below, and leave your comments.


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