Afrojack And Wrabel Are Standing Tall


Afrojack is riding high on the success of his first full-length album, Forget The World. It has already sparked several hit singles, including “The Spark” with vocalist Spree Wilson, and “As Your Friend” featuring Chris Brown. His current hit, “Ten Feet Tall,” features a new musician from Los Angeles, 25-year old Stephen Wrabel, who simply goes by Wrabel.

“Ten Feet Tall” is Wrabel’s first credited worldwide hit. Just last week, he released his first EP album, Sideways. The title track from the EP is available for free on US iTunes this week, so be sure to check that out and grab a free download while it lasts. Having just heard the new song, it sounds like another winner for Wrabel. The song starts out feeling like a piano ballad, before the tempo increases to a cool element of dance just after a minute into the track. His astounding vocal range fills out the edges nicely, to wrap everything together into a nice radio-friendly and club-eager single.

On Afrojack and Wrabel’s collaboration, remixes were introduced by various DJ’s, including David Guetta, Culture Code, D-Wayne, Twoloud, Quintino, Brennan Heart, Code Black, Borgeous, Ashley Izco, Dalihman, Dan B, Elephante, and Lonczinski.

Check out the lyric video for the original version of “Ten Feel Tall” below, and leave your comments.



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